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Call2Prayer @ Dubai Mall A Success Story!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

This Ramadan, Call2Prayer marks its eighth anniversary providing quality services to the largest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall.

Boasting over 1200 total shops, and over 200 unique and international brands, LC Acoustics (the inventor of Call2Prayer) was tasked to develop a smart and innovative solution to fully automate Dubai Mall’s audio and visual signage for the management and delivery of Prayer Calls

throughout the mall. And after eight consecutive years of service, it can be safely said that Call2Prayer Advanced Automation Solution was a remarkable success!

The Dubai Mall project shows the true scale and scope of Call2Prayer’s 7th generation advanced automation. With over 5,4000,000 sq ft. of ground to cover to seamlessly blend background music, visuals, and Athan timings, over multiple zones and several streaming music channels, this project has displayed the Call2Prayer Eco-System’s ability to seamlessly interface with Dubai Mall’s audiovisual systems and uninterrupted management of intricate functions on an expansive level.

So, the next time you go on a shopping spree in The Dubai Mall or have an Iftar or Suhoor experience during this Ramadan, rest easy knowing that the Call2Prayer Advanced Automation Solution is successfully managing all automation behind the scenes, precisely!


The Call2Prayer system runs 24/7 – 365 without any human interaction or monitoring! The sophisticated performance monitoring and intelligent self-healing functions keep the system alive even if the internet is down. The system sends out alerts and health status to designated technical staff and the venue’s operations team via email!

With considerably basic hardware and OS requirements, the Call2Prayer offers hosts of interface options with the venue’s building management, audiovisual, and control systems such as GPI/O, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, UDP, InfraRED, BIN, HEX, IoT and much more, making it a hardware-agnostic solution that is feature-rich and extremely cost-effective. No matter what, your existing AV and Control system is Call2Prayer can interface with it!

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