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  • Aryaan Lalani


Updated: Aug 19, 2023

La Mer is a world-class beachfront in the prestigious Jumeira 1 neighborhood that incorporates a minimalist and contemporary design with shops, restaurants and cafés, leisure, and entertainment along 2.5 kilometers of relaxing white sand.

Salt Water and Shopping can cure anything… 😉

La Mer, developed in Dubai by MERAAS, extends right up to the sea and offers the people a stunning destination to unwind. The beach is lined with palm trees, art and murals and there are lots of dining and leisure activities available for you that will simply take your breath away.

La Mer selected the Call2Prayer Advance Automation Solution to deliver prayer calls to the guest and visitors throughout the venue that is spread over multiple zones. The Call2Prayer system has been integrated with QSC Audio’s DSP and control components to employee a seamless workflow for the playback of background music content and precise delivery of prayer calls to all designated zones. The Call2Prayer, DSP and control components create a seamless workflow for the playback of background music content and precise management as well as the delivery of prayer calls to all designated zones.

Advance Automation but simple!

The Call2Prayer system offers dual-layer concurrent prayer time calculations and validation through Awqa’af (Ministry of Islamic Affairs) prescribed calculation methods and published times. Their proprietary algorithm ensures that prayer calls are delivered with crystal- precision and accuracy.

24/7 - 365 Marathon...

Call2Prayer Console Application image
Call2Prayer Console Application enables Facility Management Team to monitor all essential system functions

The Call2Prayer system runs 24/7 – 365 without any human interaction or monitoring! The sophisticated performance monitoring and intelligent self-healing functions keep the system alive even if the internet is down. The system sends out alerts and health status to designated technical staff and the venue’s operations team via email!

With simplistic hardware and OS requirements, the Call2Prayer offers hosts of interface options with the venue’s building management, audiovisual, and control systems such as GPI/O, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, UDP, InfraRED, BIN, HEX, IoT and much more, making it a hardware-agnostic solution that is feature-rich and extremely cost-effective. No matter what, your existing AV and Control system is Call2Prayercan interface with it!

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