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  • Aryaan Lalani

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation | Call2Prayer at OICCI Karachi, Pakistan

Inaugurating a new chapter in its storied history, the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) Karachi, Pakistan, unveiled its newly refurbished office building on August 26, 2023.

This venue, steeped in historical significance, has been transformed into a futuristic hub for business units and office spaces. Embracing state-of-the-art technologies for their boardrooms, auditorium, and various other spaces in this iconic building, the interior design seamlessly captures the essence of OICCI's core vision: "To be the premier body for promoting new and existing overseas investment in Pakistan by leveraging the world-class expertise of OICCI Members for the benefit of the Investor and the Country."

As the OICCI embarked on this journey of modernization and innovation, they recognized the need for an advanced solution to manage the ambient enhancements and prayer calls within their remarkable building. Enter Call2Prayer Advance Automation Solution, a sophisticated system designed to seamlessly integrate tradition and technology.

A Harmonious Blend of Modernity and Tradition

The day at OICCI Karachi now commences with the blessings of the holy Qur'an. Call2Prayer's MusicManager solution delivers crisp, clear, and sonically balanced recitations of the Qur'an. This serene prelude sets the tone for a day that embraces both productivity and spirituality.

As the recitation concludes, Call2Prayer deftly crossfades into ambient sounds, creating a soothing backdrop for the esteemed visitors and dedicated employees of OICCI. The carefully curated background music fills the environment with positive energy, brightening the workspace.

Seamless Prayer Call Management

One of the standout features of Call2Prayer is its ability to smoothly transition from ambient enhancement content to complete silence during prayer calls. With precision, the system observes the prescribed prayer times and gradually reintroduces the ambient enhancement content afterward. This process is entirely automated, requiring zero human intervention.

Call2Prayer's accuracy and reliability ensures that the prayer calls observed at the precise times dictated by Islamic Fiqh and implemented by ministry of Islamic affairs of Pakistan (Awqaf). This level of precision reflects the deep respect that OICCI has for its diverse community of visitors and employees.

A Glimpse into Call2Prayer's Features, Functions, and Benefits

Accurate Prayer Time Management: Call2Prayer calculates prayer times with exceptional precision, aligning with Islamic tradition.

Seamless Integration: The system effortlessly integrates with OICCI's existing infrastructure, creating a cohesive and efficient workspace.

Automated Ambience Control: Call2Prayer dynamically adjusts ambient enhancements, from Qur'anic recitations to background music, ensuring a harmonious environment.

Silent Reverence: During prayer calls, the system automatically fades into silence, demonstrating reverence for this sacred moment.

Reliability: Call2Prayer operates 24/7 without interruptions, thanks to intelligent self-monitoring and alert systems.

Fully Automated! 100% Automated conforming to the local AWQAF (Ministry of Islamic Affairs) approved methods for calculating the daily prayer times and seamlessly managing the content delivery to the installed audiovisual system of the venue.

A Testimony in itself.

At Call2Prayer, we are deeply honored by the selection of our technology and services to become a part of the esteemed and highly valuable organization that is the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) Karachi, Pakistan. The implementation of Call2Prayer at their head office stands as a shining example of tradition and innovation harmoniously coexisting. As we mark this significant milestone, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth and success of OICCI, where technology not only serves but enhances the spiritual and professional aspects of life.

The Call2Prayer system runs 24/7 – 365 without any human interaction or monitoring! The sophisticated performance monitoring and intelligent self-healing functions keep the system alive even if the internet is down. The system sends out alerts and health status to designated technical staff and venue’s operations team via email!

Experience the Future of Prayer Management with Call2Prayer! With remarkably simple hardware and OS prerequisites, Call2Prayer opens a world of possibilities. Seamlessly connect to your venue’s building management, audiovisual, and control systems using interfaces like GPI/O, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, UDP, InfraRED, BIN, HEX, IoT, and more. This hardware-agnostic, feature-rich solution is your ticket to efficiency and affordability. Your existing AV and Control system? Call2Prayer is ready to interface with it, no exceptions!

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