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Call2Prayer PRO

Call2Prayer PRO

The Call2Prayer Basic+ PRO system is system-agnostic automatic solution to facilitate daily prayer calls for venues. the Call2Prayer Basic+ PRO is a versatile solution developed for system integrators to incorporate in their AV projects. It uses GPI to Interface with Audio DSP and Control Systems such as Crestron, AMX, Extron and other. The system invokes mute functionality of the audio system by using contact-closure mechanism and routes Prayer Call through the audio system. and during the process the system seamlessly interfaces and integrates with venue’s audio, video, wayfinding, control and building management systems to ensure precise broadcast of prayer calls


    Full featured event log is maintained of all actions and activities performed by C2P system.

    Up-to 8 email subscribers can receive health, status and system alerts in real time.

    Up-to 8 SMS subscribers can receive health, status and system alerts in real time (Optional).

    Realtime sync of World-clock and prayer times according to Awqa'af service and through GPS / Almanac data.

    Updates during the subscription period.

    User selectable prayer call recitation for each of the 5 daily prayers.

    User selectable prayer call recitation for Friday prayer.

    User can select whether to boradcast Prayer Calls or just use C2P control interface to mute their music system's audio.

    GPIO, IR, RS-232 Interface modules is supplied and programmed to offer Dry-contact for external system interface

    Configuration of two hardware systems to offer hot-swap uninterrupted service.

    Audio Manager offers playback of popular audio file formats through playlist (Price depends on number of audio channels).
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