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Call2Prayer PRO + AV

The Call2Prayer PRO + AV solution is the advanced advanced prayer call and audiovisal content delivery management solution. Feature packed media content scheduler that allows the user flexibility to schedule their content playback whilst managing seamless transitions for prayer call disruption.

Call2Prayer RETAIL

The Call2Prayer Retail is system-agnostic automatic solution to facilitate mute function of your showroom's audio system during daily prayer calls.

Call2Prayer MASJID

The Call2Prayer Masjid is system-agnostic automatic solution to display daily prayer calls timings inside the mosque and other venues.
The display offers a dedicated space to upload special message such as Dua'a, Ramadan/Eid announcements and greetings..

Call2Prayer GRAND

A Customized Call2Prayer system for grand mosques, government building and corporates. the size, the shape and the design can be customized to your requirements to blend with the surrounding interior. it has the standard Call2Prayer features in addition to many others that also customizable to your needs.

Call2Prayer PRO

The Call2Prayer Basic+ PRO system is system-agnostic automatic solution to facilitate daily prayer calls for venues. the Call2Prayer Basic+ PRO is a versatile solution developed for system integrators to incorporate in their AV projects. It uses GPI to Interface with Audio DSP and Control Systems such as Crestron, AMX, Extron and other. The system invokes mute functionality of the audio system by using contact-closure mechanism and routes Prayer Call through the audio system. and during the process the system seamlessly interfaces and integrates with venue’s audio, video, wayfinding, control and building management systems to ensure precise broadcast of prayer calls

Call2Prayer PRO + MEDIA

The Call2Prayer Media PRO system is the most advanced Call2Prayer System, it provides same functions and features of Call2Prayer Basic+ PRO, additionally, it has in-Built Media Manager to manage single / multi-channel audio playback of your locally stored music. It can also playback Web streams / Web Radio Stations. Automatically manages the cross fade of music and prayer calls and does not require any special control interface with Audio DSP. in addition to integrated media content management such as playing single or multiple audio and video files/channels to single or multiple zones.

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